Project Update
We appreciate it has been a while since the news broke (2nd June 2022) that we had finally secured the huge funding of £365,000 for our redevelopment of our clubhouse and changing rooms.
Since then we have had 13 weeks of working with solicitors to sort final paperwork clauses and charges so that funds could be released. Works on becoming VAT registered and completing the relavant paperwork there too. Well we are please that this was done a couple of weeks ago and we have made such huge progress on our changing room aspects. Over the coming days and weeks we endeavour to post more updates and photos of how it is all going.
The plan are also attached to see what we propose to have complete by the end of 2022 and some photos of where we are up too.
We will now seek PAID trades to push the project on to a conclusion asap, so if you can help get in touch.



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