Stars in The Making

Many of you may have been looking in the Sunday independent and the West Briton this season and may have noticed a massive increase in publicity for our youth section, especially The Miners (U13s). This thank must go to coach and parent Martyn Daugherty who writes the reports and get the photos into the papers and for the Sunday independents case by 7pm on a Saturday evening so only hours after the game.

This weekend gone saw the biggest coverage yet with 2 of our players making the front page of the Youth Sports section. After a great game on Saturday holding Newquay to a 1-1 draw the players were over the moon and then to wake up on Sunday and see the paper it was another Christmas present for the team.


Pictured below are the photos from the Sunday Independent & the match report.

Front Cover: Blaise Hinshelwood (Left) & Jack Knight (Right)












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