New Year and New Milestones, who has made those appearances:

St Day Piran's Team

As we end another year we take a look at some players who have reached or could be set to reach a milestone of 50, 150, 250 first team games and even 350 club appearances in the 2022/2023 season.
Since we commenced this current season back on the 9th August 2022, we have seen seven debutants, they are; Steve Parker-Billings, Martin Sleeman, Harvey Paramore, Lee Denton, Nick Troon, Ed Timmons & Kyle Friendship.
  • Gavin Boon needs 3 more appearances to hit 250 first team games
  • Gareth Ireson currently sits on 86 first team games, and with only 12 games remaining he will need to wait until next season to reach 100 first team games However, he has currently played 141 games for the club so could reach the milestone of 150 club games.
  • Ben Murphy & Francis Pengelly have played 40 and 42 first team games respectively, and with 12 remaining matches they could reach the milestone of 50.
  • Justin Miles played his 50th First team game, on Friday 4th November vs Mousehole away. This being just over 10 years since he debuted for the club, on Saturday 29th September 2012 vs Falmouth Town Res away.
  • Our Captain, Luke Hart, has played 188 games so all being well he will reach a huge 200 first team appearances on the last day of the season. He has already played 200 club games being that he has played 7 for our reserves and 11 for our third team.
  • Nathan Taylor now sits on 310 first team games and if he plays in 9 more matches (for any of our adult sides), he will reach 350 club games, just like his fellow team mate Matt Witts achieved two years ago. Nathan debuted on Tues 26th Aug 2008 vs Wendron (A) in the JCCL and interesting our most recent player, Matt Witts who reached 350 first team games, also debuted for the first team vs Wendron away on Sat 28th Aug 2004. So same venue and very nearly 4 years previous to the day/date. Interesting Francis & Ben M (Named above) both debuted against Wendron, maybe they will have a special omen too…..Watch this space to see if Nathan reaches that milestone
Since our most current records begin back in 1990 we have seen 445 different players wear the saints shirt for the first team.

St Day Reserve Team

As we end another year we take a look at some players who have reached or could be set to reach a milestone of 50, 100 and even 150 second team appearances in the 2022/2023 season.
Since our reserves commenced this current season back on the 13th August 2022, we have seen thirteen debuts for our reserves in Hayden Trenoweth, William Richards, Adam Collins, Jayden Junge, Cody Mitchell, Josh Orton (All Ex Youth), Hal Davis, Luke Abbott-Smith, Justin Miles, Josh King, Zach Chittenden, Rob Warne & Nathan Chase.
This is a great stat and probably shows how hard Cornish football is at the moment, Did you Know? In the opening 13 games, our reserve team manager; Kieran has used 50 different players this season alone.
  • Congratulations goes too Chris Dower who played his 50th reserve team match on Saturday 10th Dec 2022 v RNAS Culdrose away. Chris currently sits on 88 club appearances.
  • Our second team have 11 league matches remaining and either the League or Supplementary Cup (Current Holders), still to be played. With that in mind:
  • Captain; Craig Young who joined the club in 2019, a covid hit season, but has to date played 43 second team games and will reach 50 by the end of the season. In that short time Craig has played for all three adult sides at the club.
  • Nick Troon, also joined us in 2019 and has now reached 48 games for the reserves and so will reach that 50 milestone by the end of this season. Like Craig, Nick has played in all three adult sides but with the added bonus of also playing for the Vets side, many times playing for both over a weekend.
  • Connor Bray currently sits on 46 second team games and could therefore reach the milestone of 50.
  • Matt Stephens an ex player of our youth section has come through to the adult section and is a great asset. Having now played for all three sides since his transition in 2019/2020. He has currently played 43 second team games, so if call ups to the first team do not happen (Good luck if they do) he could reach his 50 appearances.
  • Michael Palmer who currently sits on 143 second team games could reach a huge milestone of 150 appearances; Mike currently sits on 174 games for the whole club and is the highest appeared player for our second team since our stats began in 1990
  • Matt Cook has currently only appeared for the reserves once this season but if he plays in all 11 remaining fixtures would have played 148 second team games in his career. Add a couple of matches in the cups and that could see him hit the 150 appearances. Matt has appeared, to date a total of 277 times for this club, 113 being for our first team.
  • Joe Crossman, has played 49 second team games, so he could hit the big 50, but what’s more awarding is that when added to his 264 first team appearances and 2 for our thirds it makes him 7th in our current Hall of Fame based on Stats since 1990.
Some players who are close to milestone and could reach them, if they dusted off their boots; Peter Carpenter, Lee Gribble, Tony Mitchell could reach 100 second team games. Connor Bray, Dave Lanyon, Paul Curnow, Peter Hillman, Kieran Leah, Jamie Onslow, Mark Beard could all reach 50 games. I know there is some names on that list, isn’t there!!!! Great to see many of them still involved whether as a player, spectator or follower of the saints.
Since our most current records begin back in 1990 we have seen 412 different players wear the saints shirt for the reserve team.

St Day Third Team

Since our third team commenced this current season back on the 27th August 2022, we have seen ten debuts for them, namely; Nathan Ashwin, Ethan Richards, Jayden Junge, Cody Mitchell, Josh Orton, Josh Dinham & Fin Collins (All Ex Youth), Bradley Phillips, Jason Phillips & Zach Chittenden
Our third team have 10 games remaining in the league and the emphasis from the coaches and managers is very much developing the youth. It’s a difficult league, Trelawny division one, but we continue to give our youth players and the younger generation the opportunities to play and they are racking up their appearances.
  • Adam Bullen joined the Youth section at the age of 10, back into 2012 and has transitioned through to our thirds, has played for our seconds and on Sat 12th Dec 2020 vs Penryn Ath (A) he debuted for the first team in the St Piran's League. He has played a total of 45 club games and his following in the footsteps of his dad who is a former player, youth coach and now third team manager. His Dad Chris (Budgie) Bullen has a record of 228 games for the club, of which 193 are for the first team. Sadly, Chris played prior to 1990 and so not all games have managed to be recorded. It can be safely said that he is a Saint, through and through.
  • Along side youth, you need experience and we have Justin James that provides that. Back on 15th September 2019 we reported that Justin had hit his 100th game for the third team and on Saturday 22nd October 2022 vs Falmouth Utd away in the Junior Cup, Justin made his 150th appearance for the third team. Of course, Justin is a club man and has played for all three adult sides here at the club, and last season even added an appearance for the Vets. His current club total appearances are a whopping 322, with 96 of those in our reserve team. Could he reach 100 for them as well?
  • We must too mention Craig Barnard who on the last game of the season for our thirds played his 100th game for the team. Craig is a clubman and he too has played for all three Saturday adult teams. Craig has represented the club on 129 occasions, again that experience helping our younger players.
  • Just some notes as we enter into 2023 with 10 games to go; Jon Jordan needs 1 game for the thirds to make 100 appearances. Jon was awarded a club blazer at last year’s D&D in recognising his 25 years commitment to the club. Jon has played 385 club games and that is the ones we have managed to count as his debut was slightly before 1990 when our records can be traced back too. Some names that could make 50, if they played all 10 remaining games; Steve Packenas, Steven Pilkington, Ryan Treloar, Karl Elliott & Ryan Treloar, but the latter two would need a transfer over the water from Carharrack!!haha
This season alone has seen a total of 23 players step out for our third team, of which 13 of them have come through our youth section, and we hope many more will follow.
Since we introduced a third team, back in 2007, we have seen 311 different players wear the saint’s shirt for the team.

St Day Veteran's Team

The much-anticipated St Day Veterans, messages have been incoming today requesting this post so lets hope it is well received…..
It was decided back in July 2021, to encompass another team for our community, that being a veteran’s side, with the manager being appointed as Joff Mallaber. To be eligible to play in the vet’s league, you must be over the age of 35 and the squad for each match must include six players over the age of forty.
Obviously last season they were all debutants, all 34 of them, and so we recognised the highest appearances and they were; Mark Moyle & Marcus Wilbraham (10), Mike Caterall & Nick Troon (11), Jamie Chown & Ryan Treloar (12) and Joff Mallaber (13), I will let you make your own conclusion with that data!!
This season we have played three league matches, 2 league cup matches and a Knockout cup match, a fourth league game was postponed and we were awarded the points. The vets currently sit top of the league, well done chaps.
  • Joff still finds himself on top of the appearance chart with 19 for the vets and of course as we know Joff has been with the club some time and has appeared for all three Saturday adult sides. He has played 26 for our thirds, 101 for our reserves (he was stuck on 99 for some time, but the stand in second team manager, for that one match due to illness, last season gave him his 100th appearance, I’ve still never had that pint!!!haha). After debuting for the first team on Wednesday 25th Aug 2004 v Penryn (A) in the Falmouth & Helston League he has gone on to make 132 appearances for the first team. Therefore, a total of 278 club appearances and it is great to see that his son, is now an active member of the U7s here at the club and lets hope the history will be repeated.
  • Closely behind him is Carharrack boy; Jamie Chown, although still working hard on the pitch at Carharrack, Jamie does frequent the green green grass of Vogue for our veteran’s side. Jamie is our regular goalkeeper, former youth coach, referee, linesman and a genuine great man to have around the club. Although Carharrack through and through and his brother I am sure has mentioned about him playing for the Saints, but Richard too has donned the shirt, only on one occasion, for our first team, on Sat 23rd September 2000 v Penryn (H) in the Falmouth & Helston League. Thank you, Jamie, for sticking it out longer than your brother, and if you didn’t know the above you can now give him some stick!!
  • Behind those two, all of whom have appeared 16 times are Mike Caterall, Mark Moyle and Nick Troon. The latter gentleman, we spoke about in our Combination side write up but both Mike and Mark are also worth mentioning. It is great that they get to ‘stretch their legs’ and show their daughters how to do it. Both of them have daughters, who are both smaller saints and Mark too is the coach of his daughter’s team and so not only do they appear on a Sunday morning, Mark appears at training and matches for the Bal Maidens U11s whilst Mike is on the touchline in all weathers cheering on the Vogue Saints U13s. Mike was also our top goal scorer for last season and I believe he is one happy man to have his trophy safety stashed at home.
  • Finally, it is great to see other names who have been involved with the club at first, second and third team level, now continue to be a player of the saints, in our veteran’s side. To name a few; Ryan Treloar, Craig Barber, Rob Hosking, Jon Jordan, Garry Kay, Bryan Hawke, Phil Richards and Marcus Wilbraham (all appeared double figures for our vets). Further mentions for Ryan Williams, Matt Witts, Kevin Mitchell, Lee Denton, Nathan Chase, Nick Lasseter who are too regulars in our vets and are either still active here at the club or very local to Vogue Park on a Saturday. Well done to everyone who turns out for our vets on a Sunday morning and long may it continue.





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