Presentation weekend another huge success for the saints


A long week of hard work paid off as over 550 people descended on Vogue Park to celebrate the season success (oh and a christening of a young baby girl of the village). The organisation of the weekend starts from the June/July of the year before but to bring the weekend to fruition the work began on the erection of the marquee from the Tuesday beforehand. However all those that volunteered their time once again said that it was defiantly well worth it. As a club we well and truly thank them and we are gracious of their time.

On Friday evening the youth celebrated their fantastic season from the U16s invincibility team right down to the U7s who played their first game and the U6s who got started back in March/April. There was other success to shout about; the U8s competed in every single league game, fun festival and tournaments on offer, as did the U9s and U10s. The U11s went through a magnificent season of league results and a tournament at PAFC, which was topped off by an international tournament in France. We can proudly say we lost in the Quarter Finals of the Hope Cup to no-one less than Crystal Palace, who had come from winning the Munich Tournament in Germany. The U12s reached the league cup quarter finals as did the U14s. The U14s also reached the CCFA quarter finals as did the U13s. The U13s went onto win the League Cup and four players were picked to play for Cornwall in the Germany 10 day trip/tournament. Sam James, an U13 player of our club was named Player of that tournament out of hundreds of children. The Cornwall U13s team won the tournament as well. A huge amount of accolades to come through the club door and we are proud of every single one of them. The U16s triumph will never be beaten, only ever matched and every player and coach will be forever known as a “St Day Invincible”.

On the evening 350 people enjoyed a hog roast thanks to Celtic Roasters (Norman Legget & Shane Hodges) and the individual teams held their presentations from 5-7pm. The whole club came together in the marquee at 7:30pm where the full team of coaches were presented and thanked by the marquee in recognition of all their hard work. Vice Chairman, Nathan Taylor presented a cheque and explained this year’s choice of Charity; Finn’s Army ( We then presented the team awards of; most improved, spectator’s player, player’s player and managers’ player through the respected teams. Thanks to work from Martyn Daughtery the new Youth Honours Board was presented to the audience by Chairman; Mark Leah. This is to recognise and remember players who have achieved County, Club, West Cornwall Schools and contracts with PAFC. This will be on display in the clubhouse along with the Adult Hall of fame for years of service and appearances. This was followed by Dave Searle (Club Chairman) presenting his cup for the player(s) who attended the most training session (%). Along with this Chris Bullen a former player and now a coach presented his cup to the most respectful member of the club. Vice - Chairman and Chairman’s Choice awards followed these two cups and to close the presentation flowers were presented to all the ladies of the youth committee. We finished the evening with a disco, lots of dancing, drinking from the silverware (Parents only) and football being played out on the pitches.


The winners and nominations for each age group were as follows;


Under 7s - CHOUGHS

Managers Player: Riley Clarke

Coaches Player: Hal Lawrie

Spectators Player: Matilda Birkett

Respect Nomination: Freddie Packenas


Under 8s – SMUGGLERS

Managers Player: Lucian Easter

Managers Shield: 2018 Lucian Easter

Coaches Player: Jacob Palmer

Spectators Player: Freddie Gould

Most Improved: Kitto Langford

Respect Nomination: Tilly Junge


Under 9s - CELTS

Managers Player: Noah Carpenter

Players Player: Jay Jonathan

Spectators Player: Harry Watters

Most Improved: Logan Moyle

Respect Nomination: Alfie Wilson


Under 10s - STEAMERS

Managers Player: Oliver Chapman

Players Player: Josh Sarsero-James

Spectators Player: Perryn Clark

Most Improved:  William Smylie

Respect Nomination: George Street


Under 11s - PIRATES

Managers Player: Evan Tresidder

Players Player: Evan Tresidder

Spectators Player: Charlee Summers

Most Improved: Ollie Tomlinson

Respect Nomination: James Legget


Under 12s - RAMBLERS

Managers Player: Oliver Pellow

Players Player: Jayden Junge

Spectators Player: Jayden Junge

Most Improved: Kane Gilbert

Respect Nomination: Rio Roberts


Under 13s - TINNERS

Managers Player: Louie Fowler-Beaton

Players Player: Sam James

Spectators Player: Ollie Jehu

Most Improved: Matthew Trowill

Respect Nomination: Brandon Chaston


Under 14s - PILGRIMS

Managers Player: Adam Bullen

Players Player: Jo Trudgeon

Spectators Player: Marshall Chapman

Most Improved: Ben West

Respect Nomination: Lewis Dowling


Under 16s - MINERS

Managers Player: Harrison Jewell

Players Player: Tyler Buckley

Spectators Player: Tyler Buckley

Most Improved: Ollie Classy

Respect Nomination: Isaac Varga



DAVE SEARLE CUP (Most Training Attendance’s): Louis Gay & Lucian Easter (100%)


MR & MRS BULLEN CUP: Most respectful Player: James Leggett (Every nomination received a brand new Nike football)


VICE CHAIRMAN'S CHOICE AWARD: Clair Richards (Presented to a member of the Committee)


CHAIRMAN'S CHOICE AWARD: Andy Pidwell (Presented to a member of the Coaching staff)


To see all pictures head over to the St Day Youth Facebook page and once again thank you to everyone who made this evening happen. It really is something spectacular and very very unique.





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