Sunday 11th November 2018 - We Will Remember them

Once again the club invites all players, parents, officials and supporters to lay the wreath in the village along with all other organisations.

Those nominations for the respect award will be those chose to lay the wreath with Youth Vice Chairman Nathan Taylor. The players are; Freddie Packenas, Tilly Junge, Alfie Wilson, George Street, Rio Roberts, Brandon Chaston and Lewis Dowling. The Winner of the 2018 Respect Cup; James Leggett will stand in if any of the above are unavailable.


Dave Searle & Mark Leah will lay another wreath on behalf of the adult section.


Please meet at the church (Closest to St Day Primary School), at 10:30am where we as a club will parade behind the Carharrack & St Day Silver Band. Please wear smart school like trousers, black shoes, club polo (If you have one) and a club jacket.


Sadly the club has no home matches so therefore will not be opening. The two pubs and the masonic lodge will be open to the general public.



We have received the following from the Parish Council and local Vicar Simon Bone, and we wish to support;

"It has been most rewarding to witness the good behaviour of the Youth Teams who have attended the ceremony and a very moving recognition from the new generation of Young People who are fortunate enough to have benefitted from the sacrifices of those who gave their lives for our Country.

As this is the Centenary marking the end of WW1 it seems appropriate to symbolise this by including in the activities the youngsters who have taken the trouble to present themselves at the War Memorial.

The suggestion is that each of the young players reads out one of the names from the Roll of Honour - they total 83 which may be many more than attend, but those from WW1 are about 56.

Each child would be given a name slip to read out into the microphone - perhaps line up in ranks in front of the Memorial and an adult moves from child to child with the microphone. Extra names could be read by Adults from the Club.

Given the logistics we would announce the names after the two-minute silence to avoid the problem of an agonising wait or running over"

Parish Council & Local Vicar


Further to this, the club wish to hear from anyone who maybe related to any of those who have fallen so that the name could be read by yourself. We hope that this too may spark conversation around the important topic and it's significance and a family relation.

Please let us know by selecting the appropriate answer in the poll, more information and list of names and details is further down the group.


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