On Saturday 11th May, annual pitch renovations commenced. This year the club, for the 3rd year running put money into drainage work specifically which we hope now will solve our drainage problems.

The winters are getting longer and wetter and pitches are becoming more difficult to maintain in the winter months. We as a club hate calling games off and we hope this will certainly help. The pitch was also levelled in a lot of places; further work on this will take place in two weeks time.

Thanks must go to SMG Groundworks who carried out the work and supplied the machinery. 12-13 hours of work was put in each and we moved 48 tons of gravel, 30 tons of soil (with 15 more to come) and it wouldn’t of happened with out all the groundsmen as well.

Special thanks go to Dave Searle, Peter Grenfell & Dave Tedd who all put in that time and hard work and it would of never been finished in a day without them.









Mark Leah







Main Pitch, Bad Spot outside center circle, Scrap off to find hard red clay


Scrap off red clay and dug down 7ft and back filled


Bottom Pitch, digging on 18 yard box



Bottom Pitch Centre Circle connecting to exsiting drainage.




Monday 27th January

18:30 - YASA Meeting


Tuesday 28th January

18:00 - U16s Training at Vogue Pub Pitch 


Friday 31st January

17:00 - U12s FUTSAL @ Redruth Sch

18:00 - U15s Training @ Camborne Sch

18:00 - U13s FUTSAL @ Redruth Sch

19:00 - U11s Training @ Camborne Sch


Saturday 1st February

09:00 - U7s @ VP

09:00 - Referee course #2 @ St Day AFC

09:00 - Girls FUTSAL @ Red Sch  

10:00 - U14s FUTSAL @ Redruth Sch

10:30 - Choughs v Goonhavern U9s

10:30 - Smugglers v Falmouth U10s

10:30 - Tinners v Wendron U15s

11:00 - U8s FUTSAL @ Redruth Sch

12:30 - TV: Leicester v Chelsea

14:30 - St Piran XI v Wendron Res

17:30 - TV: Man Utd v Wolves


Sunday 2nd February

10:30 - Pilgrims v Pz U16s


Monday 3rd February

19:00 - Adult Committee Meeting